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Professor Hausel's Guide to Finding Gemstones, Diamonds, GoldRocks & Minerals 


There are still many gem treasures to be found - you just have to do a little reading, some research in your area, and start digging. With each outing, you will become a better prospector. But to get started, here are some places I recommend to search for the Mother Lode and help educate yourself. Have a look at these sites and when you get rich, send me a check. 

Gold Rush

Mountain of Gold

Prospecting for Gold Be sure to search for all of the older posts as this blog has many posts.

Gold - A prospectors Guide

Gold Prospects

Finding Gemstones

Rock Hounding 

How to Operate a Gold Pan to Find Gold and Diamonds

Prospecting for Diamonds

Diamond Mineralogy and Prospecting

Where to Dig & Search for Gemstones, Gold, Rocks, Museums and More
Gold Prospecting Clubs
American Federation of Mineral Societies 
Diamonds in the US
Gem Mines in the US
Gemstones in the US
National Mining Association Mine Tours and Museums
Rock collecting sites in the US
US Mineral Locations for Rock Hounds
Alabama Gold Camp
Geological Survey of Alabama
Rockhounding Alabama
Alaska Geological Survey
Chicken Gold Camp
Flat Alaska
Crow Creek Gold mine
Gold in Alaska
Wrangell, Alaska Garnet Festival
Arizona Fire Agates
Arizona Gemstones
Arizona Geological Survey
Arizona Museum of Natural History
Goldfield Ghost Town
Grand Canyon Guided Tours
Kartchner Cave Tours
Lynx Creek Gold Panning Area, Bradshaw Mountains, Arizona
Old Dominion Mine Park, Globe, Arizona
Rock Hounding Arizona
Tombstone, Arizona
University of Arizona Mineral Museum, Tucson
Vulture Mine Tour
Crater of the Diamonds State Park
California Gem Mine
California Gemstones
California Geological Survey
California Mining & Mineral Museum
California Mining and Mineral Museum Association 
Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine
Gold Prospecting Adventures
Columbia State Park 
Hangtown Gold Bug Park & Mine, Placerville
Himalaya Mine Gem Digs
Kennedy Gold Mine
Marshall Gold Discovery State Park
Minerals of California
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
Oceanview Mine Gemstone Digs
Roaring Camp Gold Mining & Tours
Rockhounding California
South Yuba River State Park gold panning
Bachelor Syracuse Gold Mine Tour, Ouray
Buena Vista Gems and Minerals
Colorado Gemstones
Colorado Gold Camp
Colorado Mine Tours & Gold Rush Towns
Columbine Rock Hounds
Country Boy Mine, Breckenridge
Day Trips for Rock Hounds
Ft. Collins Rock Hound Club
Geology Museum, Colorado School of Mines, Boulder
Phoenix Gold Mine, Idaho Springs
Rock Hounding Colorado
Rocky Mountain Prospectors and Treasure Hunters Club, Ft. Collins
Salida Minerals and Rocks
Tourmaline in Colorado
Western Museum of Mining, Colorado Springs
National Mining Hall of Fame Museum, Leadville
Florida Fossil Collecting
Florida Geological Survey
Fort Drum Crystal Mine
Consolidated Gold Mines Tour
Crisson Gold Mine
Gold and Gem Grubbin Mine
Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Mine
Rock Hunting Georgia
Idaho Gemstones
Idaho Geological Survey
Spencer Opal Mine
Finding Rocks in Kansas
Mammoth Cave
Rockhounding Kentucky
Caledonia Mine Tours
Diamonds in Michigan
Rockhounding Michigan Facebook
Rockhounding Michigan
Rockhounding Pamphlet
Hill Annex Mine State Park - Mine Tours & Fossil Hunts
Baisch's Dinosaur Digs 
Crystal Park Quartz
Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine
Gold and Diamonds in Montana
Gold Panning Adventures
Homestead Kimberlite
Recreational Prospecting
Rockhounding and Sapphire Mine
Rockhounding Montana
Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine
Desert Rose Collecting Site
Kilborne Hole diatreme - peridot & peridotite
Rock Hounding in New Mexico, New Mexico Bureau of Geology
Rock Hounding New Mexico
 Rockhounding in Ohio

Gator Girl
Gem & Mineral Clubs
Rockhounding Videos
Topaz Mountain 
Carissa Gold mine, South Pass
Centennial Ridge district gold
Copper King gold-copper deposit, Silver Crown district
Diamonds in Wyoming (Colorado & Montana)
Douglas Creek gold placer, Medicine Bow Mountains
Ferris Haggarty Copper-Gold-Silver mine, Sierra Madre Mountains
Gem Garnet Localities
Gemstones in Wyoming
Gold Deposits of Wyoming
Iolite Gemstones
Iolite gemstones of enormous size
Opal Deposits at Cedar Rim
Peridot in the Leucite Hills, Wyoming
Puzzler Hill copper and specularite deposit
Quartz, agate and jasper
Ruby & Sapphire in Wyoming
Seminoe Mountains greenstone belt, gold, and iron formation
South Pass greenstone belt & gold deposits
Tin Cup district jasper, jade & ruby deposits
Wyoming Jade Deposits
Wyoming - the Gemstone State