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Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award

Posted by Dan Hausel on March 22, 2017 at 6:10 PM

Press Release - March 22nd, 2017


Gilbert, Arizona Karate & Kobudo Grandmaster Recognized for Outstanding Scientific Achievement


Sounds strange? A karate and kobudo instructor selected for an award for science? Actually, it is common place for one person.


Grandmaster Dan Hausel is a polymath - a person who reached the highest level of achievement in more than one discipline. In fact, twice in the past while at the University of Wyoming and working for the Wyoming Geological Survey, he was inducted into Halls-of-Fame for contributions to martial arts and geological sciences in the same year. And several years, Marquis Who’s Who recognized him for accomplishments in martial arts, geological sciences, writing, art and public speaking.


As a martial artist, Hausel reached the highest level in 1999, when appointed the Grandmaster of Seiyo Kai Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo(TM) while at the University of Wyoming after more than 3 decades in martial arts. Today, he continues to teach martial arts in Mesa, Arizona.


As a geo-scientist, he authored hundreds of papers and books on geology and mineral deposits, identified hundreds of gold, diamond and gemstone deposits and anomalies while at the Wyoming Geological Survey. In 2009, he and six of his colleagues were recognized for discovery of one of the largest gold deposits on earth found at Donlin Creek, Alaska in 1988. At the time, he was on leave from the Wyoming Geological Survey and consulting for WestGold, a subsidiary of DeBeers. Today, he continues writing books on prospecting and geology, and consults for mining companies while contributing articles to the Prospecting and Mining Journal.


So, this Grandmaster and Geologist has been selected for the Cambridge Certificate for Outstanding Scientific Achievement. by the International Biographical Institute. IBC is associated with the City of Cambridge and with Cambridge University in Great Britain. 

For more information, contact: Nicholas Law, Director General, International Biographical Centre, England or contact W. Dan Hausel.

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