Professor Hausel's Guide to Finding Gemstones, Diamonds, Gold, Rocks & Minerals 

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Sorry, I'm not a landman & cannot tell you where to stake a claim or who owns what land. Call the government (BLM): that's their job (if you can pry them away from the coffee breaks) and wake them from their stupor.

And I can't ID minerals from photos. Look at the photo to the left. Examine that mineral I'm pointing at. Can you tell me its hardness, does it have cleavage or parting; what is the crystal structure & habit. How about its specific gravity? 

Puzzled? Yep, seems like everything you test on that photo matches the physical properties of that plastic your computer monitor is made from.

I wish I could receive samples of your minerals through the mail to ID, but ever since I left Wyoming, I have not had a lab or microscope. So, ask those bureaucrats at your local State Geological Survey to ID minerals and rocks - that's their job when you can pry them away from those donuts.

A few things I've found helpful when prospecting include GeoCommunicator, Google Earth, Flash Earth and Topo Maps. You can also follow me on the GemHunters Facebook. My books? Glad you asked! Just search Amazon and buy one for yourself, your neighbor, all of your cousins and friends and remember to have an ample supply on hand for Christmas gifts.

When I was a burro-crat at the Wyoming Geological Survey, I did my best to answer everyone's emails, phone calls and letters as soon as I received them (and I received thousands each year). But after the governor hired a complete moron for a director, those of us who could read and write had enough. So, now have to deal with some other burro-crat who might respond within the next 3 or 30 years (like my two US Senators here in Arizona). 

I was told by the head burro-crat every week that I did not know how to communicate and he confiscated my field vehicle and travel budget because I was doing such a poor job. After awhile, I moved on. Since I left Wyoming in 2006, haven't  heard much about any new discoveries - maybe they no longer have field vehicles?

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